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Open Letter to Ironwood Residents

(04/29/07) - Dear Ironwood Neighbor

The Ironwood "Subdivision United Voice" committee (SUV) is continuing to monitor various concerns and activities within the neighborhood to better enhabce our immediate community. We once again are attempting to combine our concerns and needs and communicating them with the proper individuals to help make our neighborhood the BEST to live in and raise our families

We this past year surfaced several concerns from homeowners and met regularly with the Town of Normal Staff to priortize and address oncerns. The Town of Normal and golf course staff have been very cooperative in listening to our concerns and have made some major steps this past year in improving and addressing the items shared by this committee. The removal of the willow trees, the mowing of the tall grasses around the golf course and improvement in some of the drainage areas are just a few activities that were completed this past year.

Whope to continue and maintain a friendly yet direct relationship with the staff to further address some of the old as well as any new items that may have come up. We need input and direction from people like you to further guide the committee in our communications with the Town of Normal Staff.

A SUV Committee meeting is scheduled for Tuesday evening, May 8th at 7 PM at the Ironwood Golf Course clubhouse. Town of Normal City Manager, Mark Petersen, Garry Little, Head of the Parks and Recreation Department and Rob Hale, Golf Course Grounds Manager will be present to meet with the committee, answer questions and concerns, and outline the course of action planned to help address our concerns and needs. It is very important that we maintain a strong presence with these staff members to let them know that we are a very important part and voice for our subdivision and need and want their continued efforts in making improvements and changes to enhance the subdivision and golf course, thus maintaining and improving the value of our homes.

Please mark your calendar today and plan to attend this important meeting. It will be hard to convince them that these are concerns of our subdivision if we do not have the people present to support our efforts. Your involvement and input is needed and very important to our success.

Let's continue our efforts and take larger steps in 2007 in making this subdivision the best in the twin cities. Thanks for you time and consideration of this request. We truly hope that you will be able to join us. Please feel free to invite others that can support our efforts. If you have questions or concerns please feel free to contact me.

Have a great day!

Jim Schmidt, SUV Chair, Phone: (309) 454-2976

Report on Special SUV Project Meeting

(05/26/06) - A special SUV Project Meeting was held on May 9th at the Ironwood Golf Course Clubhouse for Ironwood residents. Over 40 homeowners and 9 Town of Normal Staff attended the meeting to share concerns, updates and maintain open communications for a better Ironwood Subdivision. Gary Little, Director of the Parks and Recreation Department, and other staff gave a detailed presentation on current maintenance activities of the Ironwood Golf Course. Recent activities include:

• The Town Parks and Recreation Department took over maintenance operations on April 1, 2006.

• Hiring and training of new staff to work at the course.

• Purchasing of mowing and maintenance equipment for use at the course.

• Implementing new maintenance practices and procedures to improve golf course playability and appearance.

• Evaluation of course “problem areas” and developing a plan to address these concerns.

• Meeting with groups and agencies (Illinois Department of Natural Resources) to gather resources and information.

• Implementation of on-course spray program.

• Mowing, Mowing, Mowing, Mowing.

Discussion followed concerning golf course drainage, benefits of tall grass areas and lake improvement. Action plans have been developed for each of the areas and are being activated. Actions such as a regular spraying program to eliminate thistle and broadleaf weeds, mowing of a transition zone between residents and golf course property and annual mowing of the roughs are part of the plan. Lake improvement and drainage plans include chemical application to reduce algae growth, spraying of cattail areas, and working with homeowners on reducing willow stands along residential lots.

Progress Underway

The Town of Normal has begun activities to remedy some problem areas surfaced by the SUV Project. Removal of cattails, willows and canary grass along the cart path between Hole 1 and the 9th Tee has been completed. Improvement in drainage in that same area is being addressed. Planting of flowers and plants are enhancing the beauty of the course and view of residents living along the course. As the summer progresses and time allows, additional clean up, mowing and spraying will continue.

How Can Residents HELP?

• Be a Good Neighbor

• Do not deposit yard waste in the tall grass or drainage areas.

• Landscape beds, fencing, playgrounds or other structures are not allowed to be placed on Town property.

• Do not block town property with landscaping along lakes, as they may need to access along lake to perform maintenance.

• Continue to stay INVOLVED in maintaining and guaranteeing that our neighborhood is the best neighborhood to live in and raise our families. Continue to communicate with your IHOA Board Members and the SUV Committee with concerns and suggestions.


How can you help?

The Task Force needs willing, committed people with varying skills to implement changes according to the reported issues. If you have feelings about the subdivision in general, you are needed. For additional information on how you can help, contact Jim Schmidt thru the Board of Directors page.


Information will be posted on this website to keep homeowners updated on the Task force Activities.