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Addiction Prevention

Adderall Addiction: Discussion of what Adderall is, its misuse, signs of addiction and treatment for

Addiction Resources for Teens: Discusses how to help teens overcome substance abuse

Alcohol Addiction and Mental Health: Discusses effects, mental health and relapse prevention related to alcohol

Alcohol and Depression: Discusses the relationship between alcohol addiction and depression

Alcohol and Stress: A discussion of the realtionship between alcoholism and stress

Alcohol and Working from Home: The dangers and symptoms of alcohol abuse while working from home

Alcohol Use Disorder: A discussion of alcohol use and the pervasive effects related to its use

Am I An Alcoholic: Discussion of dangers and symptoms of alcoholism including an Alcoholism Self Test

Athletes and Alcoholism: Discussion of alcoholism as it relates specifically to athletes

Binge Drinking: A complete guide to binge drinking, what it is, its effects and how to treat it

Cannabis Use & Alcohol Addiction: How the use of cannabis can increase the risk of alcohol addiction

Drug Dangers: information on a range of medications and medical devices that have serious complications

Effects of Illegal Drugs on the Heart: Your heart and the effects of drugs on it

Gambling Addiction: Signs & symptons and facts & myths about gambling

Guide to Fentanyl: Discusses what Fentenyl is and its effects on the body

Herion Addiction: An overview of the dangers and side effects of herion addiction

How Addiction Affects the Transgender Community: Discusses the relationship between being transgender and addiction

How To Tell If Someone Is Shooting Up Drugs: Describes what to watch for if you think someone is using IV drugs

Isolation and Substance Abuse: Discusses the relationship between isolation and substance abuse

Know Your DNA: Discussion of possibility of using your DNA to predict your susceptibility to addiction

Mental Health and Opioid Addiction: Discusses opioids, their effects on mental health and possible therapies

Methamphetamine Addiction: An overview of the dangers and side effects of methamphetamine addiction

Opioid Epidemic: Discussion of cause, symptoms of and treatimes for opioid use disorder

Parental Instinct: Identifying and stopping Opioid abuse in adult childern

Preventing Addiction: Discusses the prevention, consequences and treatment of drug addiction

Substance Abuse in College Students: Discussion of alcohol and drug abuse by college students

Substance Abuse in Veterans: A newly released guide to substance abuse and treatment for veterans and their families

Substance Abuse, Unpacking a Public Health Crisis: A white paper on how public health can affect substance abuse

Teen Anxiety & Substance Abuse: Guide to understanding causes of anxiety in teen and how this leads to substance abuse

Teen Drug Use: Talks about commonly abused drugs by teenagers

Teens and Alcohol: Discusses how to talk to your teen about the use of alcohol

Youth Smoking and Tobacco Use Prevention: This website offers information and links on tobacco use prevention

Addiction Recovery

30 Day Rehab Programs: A discussion and evaluation of 30 day rehab programs

AA's Big Book: The RehabCenter's discussion of the Alcoholic's Anonymous (AA) Big Book

Accompaning a Loved One Through Recovery: Discusses working with a loved one in recovery

Addiction Hotlines: A description of what an addiciton hotline is and when it shoudl be called

Addiction Recovery During Higher Education: High-risk substances, ramifications of and treatment of college students

Addiction Rehab: This website is designed to help locate the appropriate rehab facility for your addiction

Addiction Recovery Resources: Contains resources for a variety of people regarding addiction recovery

Addiction Support Groups: A listing of support groups for a wide range of suppoert groups

Alcohol Abuse, Detox & Treatment: Discussion of alcohol abuse (types/effects/signs), withdrawal/detoxing and treatments

Alcohol Treatment: Contains information about the treatment and recovery from alcohol addiction

Beach House: Information about Beach House Rehab Center located in Juno Beach, Flordia

Building a Strong Support System: Information on supporting a loved one who is an alcoholic

Cannabis Recovery: Ultimate guide to those needing to recover from a cannabis addiction

Choosing the Right Rehab: Discussion of different rehab programs and how to evaluate them

Cost of Rehab: Reviews different rehab programs and their costs

Depression and Addiction: Discussion of relationship between depression and addiction

Detox Centers and Drug Rehabs: Allows you to search for treatment programs based on the addiction

Drug Rehab Connections: A clearing house for organizations that rehab various drug additions

Drug/Alcohol Intervention: Information on when and how to stage an intervention

Drug Rehab Centers in Illinois: A discussion of differetn types of rehab facilities located in Illinois Information and answers for people fighting addiction

Finding Friends After Addiction Recovery: Discusses how to develope sober friendships after recovery

Guiding You From Addiction to Recovery: Wide rangeing discussion of addictions and recovery from them

Helping Addict Who Doesn’t Want Help: Lists 9 ways to helpl an alcoholic who doesn’t want any help

Herion Rehab and Recovery: An overview of herion rehabilitaiton and recovery programs

How to Quit Vaping: Discusses the dangers of vaping and alternatives to vaping

Inpatient Rehab Treatment: Discusses inpatient rehab and why it is a important type of treatment

Intervention: Help a loved one overcome addiction

Link Between Alcoholism & Sleep Disorders: Discusses relationship between alcoholism and sleep disorders

Living with a Rehabilitated Drug Addict: Ways you can help a drug addict after treatment

Methamphetamine Rehab and Recovery: An overview of methamphetamine rehabilitaiton and recovery programs

Normal, IL Drug & Alcohol Detox Centers: A listing of drug and alcohol detox centers in Normal, IL

Opioid Recovery: A discussion of the Symetria method of treating opioid addiction

The Palm Beach Institute: Links to an addiction treatment facility in Palm Beach, Flordia

Paying for Mental Health & Addiction Recovery Services: Discusses types and how to pay for mental health services

Post Acute Withdrawal Syndrome: Discusses the symptoms, cause and therapies for PAWS

Raising Alcoholism Awareness: Free alcohol addiction helpline and alcoholism resources

The Recovery Village: Links to an organization that provides programs for addiction recovery

Rehab Facility Locator: Lets you select the criteria and then locates rehab facilities that meet that criteria

Rehabspot: A website offering information regarding different addictions and recovery options

Returning to Work After Addiction Treatment: Discusses what to expect when returning to work after treatment

The Right Addiction Treatment: Provices a quiz for you to take that matches you to the best rehab facility for you

Scottdale Recovery Center: Contains several resources for addiction recovery and help

The Secrets to Helping an Alcoholic Family Member or Friend: 13 tips for dealing with alcoholic addiction

Stairway to Recovery: Dealing with and treating addiction in older adults

Substance Abuse Resources in Bloomington: A listing of various resources and treatment centers in Bloomington, IL

Surviving the Holidays Sober: Discusses five ways to get through the holidays being sober

Understanding Withdrawal: Explains effects of withdrawal and why you seek professional help

Veteran Substance Abuse: A discussion of substance abuse among veterans and its treatment

What to Do If a Love One Has an Opioid Addiction: What science says to do if a loved one has an Opioid Addiction


Avoiding Age Discriminaton in Job Search: Discusses how to avoid discrimination in applying for a job if you are over 50

Financial Assistance for the Disabled: Lists places that disabled homeowners, vets and ederly can get financial assistance

Fresh Cut Mowing: A lawn care service with a high standard of excellence

Fund Your Business: Helps you determine how much funding you need and possible sources of funding

Greenpal Beginner Blueprint: Instructions on how to build a lawn care business for the ground up

Guide to Homeowners Insurance: Explains terminology used in policies and reasons homeowners need insurance

Interested in Becoming a Caregiver: This site list information about the requirements of a caregiver and possible opportunties

Life Insurance Companies: List of 8 best life insurance companies

Refinancing and House Insurance: Discussion of why you may want to review your homeowner’s insurance if refinancing

Return of Premium Life Insurance: Discussion of the different types available on the market

Uptown Normal: Information about events in Uptown Normal and links to businesses in Uptown Normal

Veteran Owned Businesses: Veteran's guide to starting and financing a small business

Why Buy Insurance: Explains why you need life and health insurance.

The Workout Company: Website for this fitness center on Kays Drive in Normal


Adult Care Nurse Practitioner: A guide to programs to become an adult/gerontology nurse practitioner

Apprenticeship Resources: Discussion of apprenticeships and help locating apprenticeships near you

Bachelor's in Organizational Psychology: A guide to opportunities in getting a bachlor's degree in organizational psychology

Best Online MSN Programs: A guide to the best online Masters of Science in Nursing programs

Best Private Student Loans: A list of 9 places you can get private student loans

Best Scholarship Search Platforms: Shows and discusses 17 top scholarship search platforms

Budgeting 101 for College Students: Discusses setting up a budget for college.

Certified Nursing Assistant Scholarship: Website to help you apply for a CNA program scholarship

Childrens Discovery Museum: Website for this museum located in downtown Normal

College Mental Health Resources: Examines mental health problems and possible resources for college students

College Student Financial Scams: A guide to avoiding financial scams aimed at college students

College Students Tax Guide: A complete guide to help college students prepare their income tax

Family Nurse Practitioner Programs: A guide to online family nurse practitioner programs available.

Financeing a Doctrate in Nurse Practitioner: A guide to various loans, scholarships and grants to help pay for a DNP degree

Heartland Community College: The official website for Heartland Community College

Illinois State University: The official website for Illinois State University

Illinois Wesleyan Univeristy: The official website for Illinois Wesleyan University

Insurance for Students: An insurance guide for students and their parents

LGBTQ College Student Resource Guide: Contains a large quanity of information for LGBTQ college students

LPN Programs: Website designed to help you find a Licensed Practical Nursing program near you

McLean County Unit 5 School District: Information about the local school district for Ironwood

Money Management for Students: Long and short term stratagies for managing youir money in college

Nurse Practitioners Interviews: Contains links to several interviews with nurse practitioner experts

Online Public Health Programs in Illinois: A listing of public health career opportunities in Illinois

Online RN and MSN Programs: Help in finding online RN and MSN programs

Organizational Pshcyology Careers: A guide explaining career options/opportunities in the field of organizational psychology

Psychiatric/Mental Health Nurse Practitioner: Guide to programs to earn a doctriate nurse practitioner degree (DNP)

Pubic Service Scholarships: 30 top scholarships for public service students

Resume Help: Contains templates and help and suggestions on writing a resume or cover letter

Scams in College/How to Avoid: Discusses college related scams and how to avoid them

Scholarships in Psychology: A guide to potential scholarships for students majoring in psychology.

Self Education Sites: A listing of websites that provide free online learning

Speech PathologyDegrees: Provides information about Speech Pathology Degrees and help finding a school that offers them

Student's Renters Guide: Information students need if they are going to be living off campus

Study Abroad Safely: Provides information on trip preparation, global health programs, tips for physical safety, etc

Study Apps for College Students: An evaluation of 25 study apps for college students

Trade Schools: An explaination of what trade shools are and why the are a good choice for post secondary education


Advance Your Nursing Career: Discussion of different nurse practitoner degree programs

Working with the Ederly: Information about careers and requirements for working with the ederly


Bloomington Cultural District: The official website for the Bloomington Center for the Performing Arts

Bloomington/Normal Area Visitors Bureau: Highlights area events and attractions

Grossinger Motors Arena: Information on the Gorssinger Motors Arena in Bloomington

Internet Advisor’s Blog: Provides statistics, facts and other information regarding internet related topics

Normal Public Library: Information about the library

Road Trip Landmarks: A guide to the best historical landmarks in all fifty states and other road trip information.


30 Day Plank Challenge: A guide to what a Plank workout is, how to do it properly, and a 30 day Plank workout schedule

Ultimate Guide to Fitness: Covers motivation, getting started and maintaining a fitness program

Yoga for Your Brain: A discussion and guide to doing mental yoga at home

General Information

How Safe Is Your Neighborhood: Tools and Tips to evaluate how save your neighborhood is


City of Bloomington: The official website for the City of Bloomington

East Central Illinois Area Agency on Aging: Provides information and assistance for older persons

Illinois Sex Offender Information: The Illinois State Police sex offender registration website

McLean Couinty: The official website for McLean County government

Normal Township: Information regarding assessments and roads in Normal Township

Town of Normal: The official Town of Normal website

Grief Recovery

Heartbreak and Healthy Coping Habits: Ways to avoid substances in dealing with grief

Losing a Spouse: This site discusses how to move on after losing a spouse

Health Related

Alcohol and Insomnia: Discussion of the relationship between and and insomnia

Alcohol’s Effects on Physical Health: A very complete listing of alcohol’s effects on the body’s functions

Asbestos Information: Information about Asbestos and your legal options

Astigmatism: A discussion of causes and treatments for astigmatism in the eyes.

Autism, The Inportance of Early Intervention: Services for children with autism

Avoiding Coronavirus Financial Scams: A discussion of various Coronavirus scams and how to avoid them

Bipolar Disorder: A discussion of the symptions of bipolar disorders

Cell Phone Addiction: Discusses what cell phone addiction is and what its effects on you may be

Childhood Trauma and Addiction: Discusses how childhood trauma affects the body and how this can lead to addiction

College Guide for Students with Disabilities: Discusses types of disabilities, challenges faced and available support

Coping with Traumatic Events: Information regarding helpling children and adolescents cope with traumatic events

Coronavirus Information: A collection of articles with informaton about dealing with the COVID-19 situation

Coronavirus Statistics: A collection of facts related to Covid-19 to help you understand the virus

Covid-19 and Pet Health: Discussion of how COVID-19 affects pets, and how you can protect your pet

Covid Depression: Discusses the various effects of the Covid-19 pandemic on our mental health

Cyberbullying: Provides information about cyberbullying, how to recognize it and ways to deal with it

Dangers of Teen Vaping: Understanding the risks for teenageers of vaping and how to stop.

Dealing with Adolescent Behavior: General principles of parenting when dealing with adolescent behavior problems

Dental Braces: Discusses different types, treatment plans, costs and care of dental braces

Depression and Addiction: Discusses the intersection of depression and addiction

Depression Self Test: Discussion of depression and a self test to see if you may be suffering from depression

Disabled Veterans Guide: Discusses discrimination, other barriers and resources for disabled veterans

Does Medicare Cover Dental?: Discussion of dental coverage under Medicare

End of Life Care Costs: A listeing of 48 end of life care costs and statistics

Eye Care for Seniors: Discusses the symptoms and treatments for eye problems common in seniors

Gambling Addiction: Discussion of signs & symptoms along with ways to control it and get help if needed

Getting Over Grief: A guide to understnding the stages of grief and how to heal

Hope for Mesothelioma Patients: provides hopeful information and resources on mesothelioma treatments, specialists, etc.

How Doctors Treat Mesothelioma: A discussion of the various treatments that are used to treat Mesothelioma

How to Avoid Drowsy Driving: Discusses medications that can cause drowsy driving and how to tell if you are driving drowsy

LGBTQ+ Mental Health: How to help your friends and yourself stay mentally healthy

LGBTQ and Higher Subtance Use Disorders: Discusses why there is a higher rick of substance use in LGBTQ people

Lung Cancer: A guide to causes, symptoms and treatments for lung cancer

Managing Medical Expenses in Retirement: A discussion and guide to help you understand medical expenses

Mental Health Crisis Guide: A guide to recognizing a mental health crisis in children and responding to it

Mental Health Guide for College Students: A discussioni of college student’s mental health

Mental Health Test: Provides an online test of your mental health after a through discussion of mental illness

Mesothelioma: A very complete overview of Mesothelioma, symptoms, causes, stages and treatment

Nicotine Addiction and Vaping: Discusses nicotine in vape products and how it can affect people who vape

Non-Drug Sleep Therapies: Information about non-drug therapies for sleep disorders

Pandemic’s Effect on Adolescent Mental Health: Discusses adolescent mental health as affected by Covid

Plueral Mesothelioma: A guide to the symptoms, diagnosis and treatment of plueral messothelioma

Postpartum Depression: Information from Maryville Universidy regarding postpartum depression

PTSD Self Test: A self test for PTSD and a complete discusion of causes, symptoms and treatment of PTSD

Remote Work Mental Health Strategies: Tips for maintaining good mental health in today’s remote work environment

Selecting an Eye Care Specilist: A discussion of what type of eye specilist you need based on your vision problem

Sensory-Friendly Home Modification: Ways to modify your home for people with autiism or other sensory processing disorders

Smoking Frequently Asked Questions: Discussion of cancer, heart diseae, death and tips on quitting

Social Media Addiction: Discussion of social media addiction and how to recognize it and deal with it

Social Media & Mental Health: Discussion of how social media can effect you mental health

Teen Suicide: Explores reasons for, signs of and how to talk about teen suicide Provides a wide range of information aboiut testing as well as information about at home tests

Traumatic Brain Injuries (TBI): Discusses the causes, effects and symptons of TBI

Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation: Discussion of TMS to treat some neurologically centered disorders

Veteran's with Mesothelioma: Information for veterans with Mesothelioma

Using CDB's to Improve Health: A guide to using CDB's to improve health and wellness along with other information

What is Considered Sexual Assualt: Discusses the different components and types of sexaul assualt

What is Mesothelioma?: Complete guide that describes what Mesothelioma is, its diagnosis and treatment options

Homeowners Associations

Hawthorne II Homeowners Association: The official webiste of the Hawthorne II sub-division

Neighbors Association of Normal (NAN): An association made up of Normal homeowners associations

North Pointe Property Owners Association: The official website of the North Pointe sub-division

Old Farm Lakes: The official website of the Old Farm Lakes sub-division

News Sources

The Normalite: Website for this weekly newspaper that covers Normal Township

The Pantagraph: The local Bloomington/Normal newspaper

WEEK News 25: Webiste for Peoria television station WEEK on channel 25

Police and Fire

Bloomington Police Department: Information regarding law enforement in the City of Bloomington

McLean County Sheriff’s Department: Information regarding law enforcement in McLean County

Normal Police Department: Information regarding law enforcement in the Town of Normal

Senior Related

44 Crime Prevention Tips for Seniors: Lists of tips for preventing crimes against seniors by location.

Aging & Eyesight: A discussion of eye problems that develop as we age and their treatments

Aging Gracefully: A guide to senior health and wellnes

Aging In Place: A seniors guide to growing old in your own home

Aging at Home Safely: A guide to aging at home safely and with dignity

Alzheimer’s and Sleep: Discusses the relationship between Alzheimer’s and the quality and quanity of sleep you get

Anxiety in Older Adults: Discussion of anxiety and treatment in older adults

Apps for Seniors: Lists 45 free apps for seniors to promote independence

Assisted Living Costs: Breaks down the cost of having assisted living by state.

Assisted Living Facilities near B-N: Lists and rates assisted living facilities in or near Bloomington/Normal

Assisted Living in Illinois: A guide to finding the appropriate assisted living community in Illinois

Advoiding Online Money Scams: A guide to how to recognize and avoid online scams looking for money

Avoiding Social Isolation: How to help seniors aviod social isolation.

Benefits of Exercise for Seniors: Has several good articles on different forms of exercise and there benefits

Best Types of Exercise for Older Adults: Lists and describes the 9 best exercise for older adults

Caregiver’s Guide to Senior Health: Contains valuable information for caregivers of the ederly

Chair Exercises for Seniors: A guide to 16 chair exercises for seniors and how to get started

Checking Homes Structural Integrity: How to check the structural integrity of an ederly parent’s home

Common Online Scams: Tips to protect seniors from common online scams

Covid-19 & Mental Health: A discussion of how Covid-19 affects the mental health of seniors

Crime Prevention Tips for Seniors: Discusses most come crames against seniors and how to avoid being a victim

Decluttering and Downsizing: A guide on how to declutter and downsize for seniors

Dental Care for Seniors: Discussion of dental problems and there causes that most commonly affect seniors

Dentures: Discussion of the different types of dentures and why seniors may need to get them

Destinations for Travelers over 60: A discussion of the 6 best destinations for food and wine.

Disability Accomodation Guide: A check list of areas of your home you may need to make accessable to the disabled.

Eating Disorders/Treatments and the Elderly: Discussion of elderly eating disorders and their treatment

Economic Security for Seniors: Facts and information regarding economic security for seniors

Emergency Preparedness Guide for Seniors and Caretakers: Talks aboiut how to be prepared for electrical outages

End of Life/Emergency Planning: How to talk about end of life/emergency planning with your family.

Estate Planning: How to talk with your family about your estate planning

Exercise Essentials: Suggestions for exercises that ageing adults can do

Fall Prevention for Seniors: Do It Yourself home modifications to help prevent falls

Financial Abuse: Discussion of financial abuse of seniors in nursing homes

Financial Fraud: A discussion of types of financial scams and how to detect and avoid them.

Five Winter Hazards for Seniors: Five hazards for seniors and how they can avoid them

Gardening Resources for Seniors: Contains information and tips for seniors on maintaining a garden

Guide to Senior Financial Fitness: A complete guide to answers related to senior finances

Healthy Eating: A seniors guide to eating healthy

Helping Aging Parents with Money Management: A complete guide to helping seniors with finances

Helping Seniors Stay Safe at Home: Suggestions on ways to make a home safer for seniors

Home Care for Seniors: Discussion of how to find, choose and pay for home care for the ederly

Home Improvements for Seniors: Discusses laws protecting seniors, possible home improvements and assistance available.

Home Modifications for Seniors: Information on how to modify your home to make it more appealing for seniors

Home Modifications to Prevent Senior Falls: Home modifications for fall prevention for seniors

Home Repairs Seniors Should Avoid: Lists 5 home repairs that create safety problems for seniors

Hosting Airbnb: A retiree's guide to setting up and hosting a room on Airbnb

How Medicare Works: How to guide your parents to understand Medicare plans

How to Talk to Your Doctor: A guide for caregivers an elders on how to talk with your doctor.

In-Home Care: Discusses what in-home care is, its cost and if Medicare covers any of the costs

Internet Basics for Seniors: A comprehensive guide on how to get the most out of your internet use

Internet Discouint Guide for Seniors: Discusses senior discounts from a variety of internet services

Internet Guide for Seniors: Provides basic information about internet services for comparison purposes

Internet Links for Seniors: A very complete listing of internet links that seniors may want to use

Internet Safety Guide for Seniors: Tips, hints and ideas for keeping your information safe while on the internet.

Keeping Seniors Save at Home: Provides a wide range of topics on helping seniors stay save at home

Long Term Care, Considerations & Financing: tips for discussing the types of care available, and financing options

Making the Move to Assisted Living: Discusses when and how to make the decision to move to assisted living

Medical Alert Systems: A senior friendly guide to medical alert systems

Medicare & Nursing Homes: Discusses who is eligible and what costs Medicare covers

Medicare Costs: A guide to your potential Medicare costs

Medicare for Dummies: Simple explainations and helpful information regarding Medicare.

Medicare Plans In Illinois: Discusses options for Medicare plans in Illinois

Mental Health Conditions in Seniors: Discusses how to identify and manage mental health contitions in seniors

Mesotheloma Information: Facts about Mesotheloma.

Mobile Device Apps for Seniors: 6 Helpful senior citizen apps you can get for free

Most Common In-Home Injuries and Their Prevention: Talks about common injuries for seniors and how to prevent them

Moving Services for Seniors: Discussion of the best moving services for seniors

Nursing Home Abuse: Discusses nurshing home abuse and what to do about it

Nutrition Guide for Seniors: A discussion and guide on nutritional needs of seniors

Paying for Independent Living: Discusses cost of independent living and ways to pay for it

Paying for Senior Care: Provides information on financial assistance, costs and payment options for Eldercare in Illinois

Pet Ownership for Seniors: A complete guide to things seniors should consider when getting a pet

Preventing Falls at Home: Information regarding the prevention of falls in the home

Prevention Falls at Nursing Homes: A guide to how to preventing falls for ederly people in nursing homes

Protecting Seniors from Online Scams: Discusses types of online scams and ways to protect against them

Protecting Yourself during the Pandemic: Discusses ways seniors can protect themselves from COVID-19

Resource Guide for Seniors: Provides a wide variety of links for senior related information

Remote Healthcare Options: A discussion of remote healthcare options and how to access them.

Reverse Mortgages: Explains what a reverse mortgae is and how they work.

Rewarding Activities for Those With Demetia: 13 activities to do with a person suffering from demetia

Road Safety for Seniors: Driving in you golden years: senior resources for road safety

Room by Room Safety Guide: A guide to making your living room, bedroom, bathroom, kitchen and outside area safer for seniors

Safe Driving for Seniors: Discussion of things that affect a senior’s driving ability and ways to deal with them

Safety for Seniors: Tips for seniors on safety at home, while driving and using technology

Seniors and Debt: How to deal with financial setbacks after retirement

Seniors and Driving: A guide to to diagnosing and resolving issues with senior driving problems.

Senior Citizen's Guide to Moving: Information on downsizing, selecting a retirement community, etc.

Senior Housing: A guide to finding and selection housing for low income seniors

Senior Storage Guide: Guide to finding an appropriate storage facility for an elderly person

Sleeping Changes as You Age: helping the elderly understand, manage, and cope with the changes in their sleep patterns

Social Isolation and Loneliness: Recognize these symptons in family and friends

Stair Chair Lifts: Considerations when purchasing, types of chair lifts, costs and installation guide

Stair Safety Guide: Information on making stairs safer for seniors

Stress Management Guide for Seniors: Provides simple ways to manage physical & mental stress

Substance Abuse and Addiction in the Ederly: Discusses type of drugs, dangers and treatment of addiction in the ederly

Symptoms of Dementia: This site lists 10 early symptoms of dementia

Technology Benefits for Seniors: Talks about the benefits of various technologies for seniors

Ten Safe Gardening Tips: Tips to help seniors be save while gardening.

Transportation for Seniors: A guide to all questions about senior mobility and transportation options available to them.

Travel Guide for Seniors: Suggestions and tips for seniors who wish to travel.

Video Games for Seniors: Listig of video games that help seniors keep their minds and bodies healthy

Ways Seniors Can Boost Their Mental Health: Discusses 10 ways to boost your mental health and well-being

Sports and Recreation

Bloomington/Normal Girls Sodftball Aassociation: Home page for the this organization

Cornbelters Baseball: Bloomington-Normal's Independent Frontier League baseball team

The Den at Fox Creek: The official website for this Bloomington public golf course

Find the Best Lake Near You: Website with links to help you find the best lake near where ever you are to visit

Highland Park Golf Course: The official website for this Bloomington public golf course

Ironwood Golf Course: The official website for this Normal public golf course

The Links at Ireland Grove: Website for this public nine hole golf course

McLean County PONY Baseball: The official website for PONY league baseball in McLean County


Connect Transit: Information and route maps for the local public transit system

Peoria Charter Coach: Information about bus service to O'Hare and Midway airports

Preventing Drowsy Driving: Discussion of the causes, signs and what to do if you get drowsy while driving

Trailways Bus Service: Information about Trailways bus service from Bloomington/Normal


This links page is always under construction. If you know of a website related to the Bloomington/Normal area that you feel should be added to this list, please send it to the webmaster for consideration.

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