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Current News

Three Residents Elected To Board

(1/14/21) - At the IHOA Annual Membership Meeting held on Tuesday, January 12, 2021, three residents were elected to two year terms on the IHOA Board of Directors. There were six candidates (Floyd Aper, Joellen Bahnsen, James Collins, Katy Gesell, Amy Mortensen and Susan Parrent) running for the three positions. The top three finishers were Floyd Aper, JoEllen Bahnsen and Susan Parrent. Immediately following the announcement of the vote tally, Floyd Aper asked to be dropped from consideration which moved Amy Mortensen into the third spot.

Fence Survey Results

The results of the IHOA Fence Survey were announced at the IHOA Board of Directors meeting on Tuesday, Januayr 12, 2021. Of the 584 households in Ironwood, 233 households responded for a 40% participation rate. The Board discussed the implications of the survey results and decided that, before changing the Board’s current policy of only allowing fences required by Town of Normal ordinance around swimming pools, the Board needs to review the current references to fences in the covenants and the fence guidelines that are listed at the end of the by-laws. The results of the survey were:

1. Do you think the IHOA Board should approve all fence requests from homeowners that meet the requirement in the Fence Guidelines?

Yes - 153 (66% of respondents, 26% of households)

No - 80 (34% of respondents, 14% of households)

2. If the IHOA Board approved all fence requests meeting the above guidelines, how likely would your household be to seek aproval for a fnece?

Very likely - 28 (12% of respondents, 5% of households)

Likely - 18 (8% of respondents, 3% of households)

Neither likely nor unlikely - 49 (21% of respondents, 8% of households)

Unlikely - 41 (18% of respondents, 7% of households)

Very unlikely - 97 (42% of respondents, 17% of households)

3. If an adjoining neighbor was making a fence requet for their property, would you provide written approval to your neighbor?

Yes - 149 - (64% of respondents, 26% of households)

No -84 - (36% of respondents, 14% of households)

To read the comments of households who responded to the survey, click here.