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Survey Questions

The following survey questions have been created to give feedback to the Ironwood Homeowners Association Board of Directors regarding various issues. A brief discruption and pupose of each survey question is listed below.

We ask that you only vote once on each survey questions. A link is provided at the bottom of each survey question to allow you to view the results with out voting. Please use this link to see the current results if lyou have already voted once.

Residency Survey - This question asked for the most specific location of where you live. It is asked to help the IHOA Board know where the people who use the website are from so we can better serve the needs of those who visit the website.

Usage Survey - This question asks you to indicate the area of the web site that you visit most often. It is asked to help the web master determine which areas of the web site are used most frequently so attention can be given to those area to make sure they are kept up-to-date.

Golf Survey - This question asks you if you play golf and if so which golf course do you most often play golf on. It is asked because there was some interest on the IHOA Board about what percentage of Ironwood residents play golf and what golf course they use most often.

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