According to the convenants of the Ironwood Subdivision, Article V, Section 8: no fence, hedge, wall or other dividing instrumentality shall be constructed, grown, or maintained on any lot without the written permission of the Association. Any boundary fence, wall, hedge, or dividing instrumentality constructed upon the premises must be a minimum of six (6) inches inside the property line and constructed of any decorative material.

This directive contains the minimum requirements that the Board of Directors of the Ironwood Homeowners Association must consider when a homeowner seeks approval for the erection of a fence.

(a) The Ironwood Homeowners Association board of Directors must approve all fences in writing.

(b) All fences must be approved in writing by all homeowners whose property adjoins that of the homeowner making the request.

(c) Except for special use fences, no fence shall be erected on any lot that bounds the golf course portion of the subdivision.

(d) All fences must be wooden, solid vinyl or wrought iron. Chain link fences will not be permitted.

(e) All wooden fences must be painted, stained natural or sealed. A maintenance coat must be applied to the fence at least every three years. The fence must be continually maintained to present an attractive appearance, or such fencing will be removed at the expense of the lot owner.

(f) All fences must be of an open design with an open space, which is at least the width of the slats between each slat. No solid or privacy fences.

(g) No fence shall exceed a height of four (4) feet.

Homeowners seeking approval for erection of a fence must submit all plans, and materials list to the Board. The request and consideration will be a two step process. The request will be an information and discussion item at the meeting at which the request was presented. The request will be acted upon at a subsequent meeting.

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