Article III - Board of Directors

Section 1.0 - General Powers: The affairs of the Association shall be managed by, or under the direction of, its Board of Directors.

Section 2.0 - Number, Tenure, Qualifications: The number of directors of the Association shall be seven. All candidates for Directors must be members of the Association. All Directors to fill expired terms shall be elected for two-year terms.

Section 3.0 - Removal of Directors: One or more of the Directors may be removed with or without cause at a meeting of the Association, when a quorum is present, by the affirmative vote of a majority of members then entitled to vote. The members shall then elect Director(s) to replace the one(s) removed.

Section 4.0 - Vacancies: A vacancy in the Board of Directors, other than as provided in Article III, Section 3.0, shall be filled by the Board of Directors and the appointed Director shall serve the remaining term of the Director replaced.

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