Article I - Definitions


Section 1.0 - Membership: Every person(s) or other entity which is the owner of a lot in the Ironwood Subdivision is a member, automatically, of the Ironwood Country Club Homeowners' Association. All members who are current with their dues shall be eligible to vote.

Section 2.0 - Association: Association shall mean and refer to the Ironwood Country Club Homeowners' Association of Normal, Inc., an Illinois not-for-profit corporation, its successors and assigns.

Section 3.0 - Lot: Lot shall mean any plot of ground shown on a recorded subdivision map, or, if a duplex or condominium, each unit thereof, with the exception of the common area.

Section 4.0 - Owner: Owner shall mean the record owner, whether one or more persons or entities of a fee simple title to any lot which is a part of the Subdivision, or in the event of a contract sale, the contract purchaser. The term "owner" shall not include those holding title merely as security of performance of an obligation.


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